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Which Brewing Method?

From a traditional French Press to a fancy Espresso Machine you've seen in your local coffee shop and everything in between... let's talk about all the different ways to brew your coffee and which method is the best for you.

Cafetiere or Pour Over
Perfect for those wanting a couple of cups of coffee and not wanting to spend too much.

Making coffee for a group of friends? Take a look at the Chemex! This is a great product to use, which will make you a delicious cup of filter coffee.

Want that delicious cup of coffee on your travels or when at work? Take a look at an AeroPress, perfect for making a single cup of coffee.

Espresso Machine
If you want the cafe experience at home, want to wow your guests with a flat white or latte - then take a look at an Espresso Machine. This is the ultimate choice for those wanting to invest in their at-home coffee dreams!

Not too sure which is the right option for you? Get in touch!

Made up your mind? Head to the shop!

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